Bekerja~ Bukankah aku harusnya mendapatkan hari libur di hari ini? Aku berharap anak – anak yang patuh yang berbahagia di tanggal 1 Juni ini!!!

Zhoumi wrote “Happy June 1st” which is same as their children’s day ^^ (So basically he’s saying happy children’s day to adults)

Source: Zhoumi’s Weibo
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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this is me and my future husband will show you the best for this blog..ENJOY ^^

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  1. mamend says:

    oh my GOD ! suami ku capeek !! . huhuhuuu . mau nangiss rasanya . aahh , jiayou !!! Zhou Mi gege jiayou ! I always be with you ! kekeke~

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