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individual para abang yang sering menggoda iman kita :


credit lynchae1106 @twitter


About ♬surethingdo』

this is me and my future husband will show you the best for this blog..ENJOY ^^

8 responses »

  1. kucinta kau Super Junior.. says:

    waw… ryeowookk…. ❤ saranghaeeee !! :p
    ssooo cuteee… Yesung and sungmin.. 🙂
    so ccoolll… heechul, eunhyuk and lee-tuk….. ❤
    so handsomeeee… siwon,kyuhyun, and donghaeeee.. ❤

    semuanyaaa cakep deh pokonyaaa !!! 🙂

  2. Goldiahyuk says:

    woow, eunhyuk oppa so handsome, fighting…?
    eunhyuk oppa ganteng, senyum, lucu, imut je…?
    super junior oppa saranghaeyo fighting….? 🙂

  3. songeunjin says:

    siwon oppa….
    love you :O

  4. Donghae~ya!!!!!!
    very love you!!!

  5. Hyukpaa Saranghae……:*

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